Accommodation/Tenancy Services

Accommodation/Tenancy Services

AMPE Services can provide one on one support to assist participants to achieve their individual Accommodation and Tenancy goals such as assisting participants in overcoming barriers that impact a current tenancy or supporting participants to explore and obtain alternative housing.

Our Accommodation and Tenancy service can include assessment, individual case planning, practical one on one assistance, liaising with service providers and capacity building assistance to support people to achieve their individual goals.

Depending on individual circumstances and goals case planning and practical assistance can include:

  • Assisting participants to redefine or develop housing goals
  • Liaising with FACS/Housing NSW, real estate agents or proprietors to identify barriers to maintaining at risk tenancies
  • Identifying and implementing strategies to maintain current tenancies
  • Exploring alternative housing options
  • Assisting with private rental applications
  • Assisting to lodge applications for FACS/Housing NSW rentals
  • Supporting participants to obtain FACS/Housing NSW Bond Loan and essential household items
  • Assistance with budgeting
  • Liaising with utility providers and assistance to access Utility Relief Grants
  • Building capacity to obtain sustainable accommodation with greater independence

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