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Occupational Therapy

AMPE Services Occupational Therapy (OT) provides support to people whose health or disability makes it hard for them to do the things they would like to do. Our occupational therapist can identify your strengths and difficulties, help with solutions, and help you to take part in everyday life. 

At AMPE Services our Occupational Therapists use therapeutic activities to assist you in achieving maximum functional performance, both physically and psychologically.

AMPE Services OT can help you maintain, regain or improve your independence by using different techniques, changing your environment and using new equipment. 

AMPE Services OT’s work with people of any age, including children and older people, to help them do things that ‘occupy’ their time. These can include: 

  • looking after yourself
  • work or school
  • social activities
  • being part of your community

Occupational Therapy Services

  • Functional assessment and report: Assessment and advice on how to manage daily activities including self-care, work, driving and home tasks.
  • Cognitive retraining: Assessment and strategies to assist with memory, concentration and planning difficulties (Life/Living Skills development and training)
  • Home environment assessment: Review of home environment and recommendations on how to improve safety while maintaining independence and comfort.
  • Participant and carer education: Advice on adapting to change, managing fatigue, the use of equipment, and how to care for the client in order to optimise their abilities.
  • Pressure care: Recommend and educate on position, movement and equipment to reduce the risk of developing pressure areas.
  • Splinting: Prescription and fabrication of hand splints for optimal recovery  
  • Cooking, eating behaviour and nutrition, meal planning and preparation
  • Shopping, budgeting and money management
  • Leisure skills, engagement and support
  • Travel training and road safety awareness
  • Time management
  • Stress management and relaxation
  • Self-esteem and self-evaluation
  • Problem solving and goal setting
  • Emotional skills and self-awareness
  • Social development and training
  • Vocational/Educational Skills Assessment, Training and Support.
  • Equipment/Aid prescription
  • Minor/Basic Home Modification
  • Family Education and Health promotion
  • Lifestyle changes support and management
  • Individualized Therapy sessions on use of music for therapeutic means.

Find out how AMPE Services can help you with our Occupational Therapy and capacity building services for people of all ages.


Our staff are here to support you through your daily activities and help build your capacity so you can be independent.

AMPE Services skilled occupational therapists will work with you to gain an understanding of your goals, and identify ways to overcome challenges you experience in everyday life.

Our team of occupational therapists are uniquely focused on your individual needs.
Using evidence-based support services, we tailor services to your unique circumstances, ensuring we provide therapies that are designed to help you meet your goals and build independence.

If you’re looking for some support, feel free to contact one of our expert therapists so we can start working towards your goals today.


Our occupational therapists are invested in your wellbeing. All of our staff are compassionate and genuinely care about you and your success.


Our OT professionals are fully qualified and skilled in their craft and meet the professional standards within their areas of expertise.


We’re 100% focused on achieving outcomes together, and we’ll never prolong your treatment without proper consultation. Our ultimate goal is to ensure you’re receiving suitable therapies to help you achieve your potential.


All of our services can be built into your new or existing NDIS plan. If you’re not eligible for the NDIS or don’t currently have a plan, we also have fee-for-service and payment plan options to ensure you can get the support you need as soon as possible.


We come to you, where you need the support, in your home and the community.

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Contact Us


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